Read our acting audition tips to help you nail your next audition!

Acting Audition Tips 1: Have Your Headshots and Acting Resume

Your headshots needs to be up-to-date with current photos and look professional. Include your personal statistics – height, weight, age range, and any special talent – languages, skills like dancing, singing, or playing any instruments. All of your experience like high school plays, workshops, acting classes, and acting jobs need to be on there in detail.

Acting Audition Tips 2: Read the Script

Read the entire script. Knowing the whole story will help you understand the role you are auditioning for. Besides, you might find other characters you fit into.

Acting Audition Tips 3: Memorize Your Lines

Read and reread your lines until you memorize them. If there is a word you don’t understand, look it up. And make sure you pronounce the words correctly.

Acting Audition Tips 4:  Rehearse Your Part

Recite your lines until you know all of it by heart. Practice them in front of friends so you can feel what it’s like to have an audience

Acting Audition Tips 5: Arrive Early

Give yourself extra time so you aren’t in a hurry or rushed. Don’t wait until the last time slot to audition. The later you audition, the more actors the casting director will have to compare you with.

Acting Audition Tips 6: Get into Character

Does the part require a particular look or accent? Dress the part and rehearse with the accent. Practice makes perfect and getting into character will help you nail that audition!

Acting Audition Tips 7: Be Confident

Be confident, speak loud enough to command the casting director’s attention. If you screw up, just try your best to keep going. Don’t make excuses or apologize. Stay in character. The casting director might not pay as much attention to the mistake, and it’s probably not as bad as you think it is.

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