Popular Dance Styles

Read below for some of the most popular dance styles featured on TV, movies, shows, and competitions. Hip Hop Dancing Popular since the 1970’s, hip hop dancing includes many styles. Hip hop dancing includes breaking, locking, popping, and funk. You can combine the dance styles. Dance studios teach classes for adults and children, but many hip hop dancers become self-taught and learn different moves from each other. You can also join a dance crew and practice and perform with other dancers. Hip Hop Dance Auditions Ballet Dancing Ballet requires a [...]

How to Start a Dance Team

Whether it's for practice or competition, starting a dance team can be very rewarding. And who knows? You might even win some competitions and become famous. Starting a Dance Team: Step 1 Decide Your Dance Style What type of dance style do you like best and excel in? Starting a dance team can help you improve and train others. Or maybe there's another style you would like to learn better. Hip hop and modern dance teams are specially collaborative. Everyone can learn from each other, and dancing together will [...]

Ballroom Dance Auditions

Love ballroom dancing? Read our guide to learn about this popular dance style and how to find ballroom dancing auditions Ballroom Dance History Ballroom dances first appeared in Renaissance Italy as a court dance for the privileged. It quickly spread throughout Europe and the Americas in 20th century and danced by common people. Today, ballroom dancing applies to numerous dances in which a “leader” and a “follower” dance together. There's physical contact through their upper or lower bodies, or simply their arms in different dances. Popular Ballroom Dances Waltz [...]

Ballet Dance Auditions

Are you a dedicated ballet dancer? Read our guide to learn about this popular dance style and how to find ballet dance auditions. Ballet Dance History Ballet originated in 16th century Renaissance Italy and became very popular in countries such as France and Russia. At first, amateurs performed on a court stage for aristocrats. It developed as a highly professional art in a theatrical setting. It is the most technical and famous of all performance dances. The New York City Ballet Company, the Paris Opera Ballet, and Russia’s Bolshoi [...]

Hip Hop Dance Auditions

Love hip hop dancing? Read our guide to learn about this popular dance style and how to find hip hop dance auditions Hip Hop Dance History Hip hop dancing includes breaking, locking, popping, and funk. It came from the streets of New York in the 1970’s and quickly spread to the west coast. In the 80’s, the hip hop dance styles exploded, like the Running Man and the Moonwalk, became famous. Even though hip hop and rap is criticized, they are still popular. Dance studios teach classes for adults [...]

Salsa Dance Auditions

Love salsa dancing? Read our guide to learn about this popular dance style and how to find salsa dance auditions Salsa Dance History Salsa dancing originated from Cuba in the late 1800's and every Latin American country has their own style. It fuses African and Spanish inspired rhythms and  mix flamenco and ballroom styles. You usually dance with a partner where the male leads the female by footwork and turns. But there is also a solo form known as “suelta.” The turns, figures spins, body isolation, shoulder shimmies and [...]

Ballet Dance Tips to Improve Your Technique

Ballet takes more than just practice and dedication, it is about perfecting your technique. Here are ballet dance tips to help you. Ballet Dance Tips 1: Body Alignment As a ballet dancer, body alignment is about overall posture and having your body in a healthy position. Keep your back straight, stomach tight, hips flat, butt in, and your hand soft. Ballet Dance Tips 2: Elongate Your Neck  Hold your chin up and roll your shoulders up, to the back, and down. This will stretch your neck and make it look [...]

Audition Tips for Ballet Dancers

Read our ballet dance audition tips to help you nail your next audition! Ballet Dance Audition Tips 1: Research Find out who and what you're auditioning for. What style of ballet do they expect?  Should you focus more on style or technique? What do they look for in a ballet dancer? Search for dancers they've hired in the past and copy their style and technique. Ballet Dance Tips 2: Train and Practice Practice your audition piece up until you have to audition. Don't go to an audition after you were just [...]

Jazz Dance Auditions

Love jazz dancing? Read our guide to learn about this popular dance style and how to find jazz dancing auditions Jazz Dance History During the jazz age, popular forms were the Black Bottom, the Jitterbug, the Boogie Woogie, and the Lindy Hop. Later, jazz was popularized by Bob Fosse and Broadway musicals like "Chicago." There are many styles of jazz dancing and the steps are mixed in with other dance styles. Today, it is still a big part of musical theater and cabaret. You can also perform in music [...]

Tap Dance Auditions

Love tap dancing? Read our guide to learn about this popular dance style and how to find tap dancing auditions Tap Dance History The name comes from the tapping sound made by the metal plates on your shoes. You focus on foot movements and rhythm. You can improvise by following the beats from music, or dance a Capella. Because the tapping creates “beats” when tapping your feet, tap dancers are also considered percussion musicians. Their are many forms of tap dancing. “Rhythm tap” is used by hoofers who dance [...]

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