Read our ballet dance audition tips to help you nail your next audition!

Ballet Dance Audition Tips 1: Research

Find out who and what you’re auditioning for. What style of ballet do they expect?  Should you focus more on style or technique? What do they look for in a ballet dancer? Search for dancers they’ve hired in the past and copy their style and technique.

Ballet Dance Tips 2: Train and Practice

Practice your audition piece up until you have to audition. Don’t go to an audition after you were just on vacation or a holiday or if you’re out of shape. Your body needs to be in perfect condition when you’re auditioning.

Ballet Dance Tips 3: Rest and Eat

Get plenty of sleep the night of the audition so that you are well-rested. Eat at least 2 hours before the audition. You want your body to be nourished and hydrated. Being hungry makes your body weaker. But don’t eat right before the audition because you might get sick while you’re dancing and moving around

Ballet Dance Tips 4:  Know What to Wear

Unless specified, choose simple black or pink leotards. Do not wear flashy outfits or dangling jewelry. Ballet is about style.

Ballet Dance Tips 5: Bring Your Resume

Your dance resume should include photos all your experiences, including training and performances

Ballet Dance Tips 6: Arrive Early

Give yourself extra time so you aren’t in a hurry or rushed. Use the extra time to warm up and stretch.

Ballet Dance Tips 7: Look Professional

Your hair should be neat, wear simple make-up, and your clothes, leotards, and shoes should be clean. Be polite to the client you’re auditioning for and all the dancers.

Ballet Dance Tips 8: Follow Directions

Listen to the instructions and follow them.  Never change any part of the combinations that they ask you to do.

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