If you’re wondering what casting directors are, you’re not the only one. So we made a list of duties of the casting director to help you understand.

Duties of the Casting Director

  1. Meets with the producers, the director, and the writer to understand the production.
  2. Goes over the casting budget and how much to pay actors with the production accountant.
  3. Reads the script. Takes notes of all the roles.
  4. Creates a list of actors in order of importance
  5. Searches and picks actors for each role.
  6. Gets approval from producers and directors for those actors.
  7. Contacts the actors or their agents for auditions.
  8. Sends out a casting notice for more auditions.
  9. Prepares audition materials for actors.
  10. Holds auditions for all roles.
  11. Makes recommendations on which actors to hire for each role.
  12. Negotiates contracts with actors or their agents.
  13. Makes sure contracts are with union guidelines.
  14. Finds replacements if any actor cannot fulfill their contract.

Casting directors are hired to cast talent for TV, movies, videos, theater, or any other production. They may be employed by the studio, own or work for a casting agency or be a solo operator.

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