How to Start Teen Modeling

Teen modeling can help build your confidence, boost your self-esteem, and improve your posture. Interested? Here's our guide on how to start teen modeling. Start Teen Modeling: Step 1 Get Your Parents Permission Talk to your parents. Explain to them why you want to start modeling. If your are under 18, you need a parent's permission to start modeling and you need an adult with you to go to auditions. They will also need to get the school's approval and a working permit for you. Research What Type of Modeling [...]

What Type of Modeling is Right for You

Wondering what type of modeling is right for you? The good news is models actually come in all sizes and ages. Here is a list of modeling types and their requirements to help you decide before you start modeling. Fashion Models Fashion or “editorial” models advertise designer clothes in high-fashion magazines and high-end fashion shows. These types of modeling jobs are the highest paid in the industry. You have to be between 5’9” to 6’ and are very slim to be a fashion model. Your measurements have to be 33" [...]

Modeling Tips for Beginners

Read our must-do modeling tips before you start modeling. Modeling Tips 1: Build Confidence Models need confidence – in photoshoots, in auditions, on the runway. Start by posing in front of the mirror. Know your best angles and features. Do you have long legs? Do you have a profile when you turn sideways? Practice all your facial expressions too. Do you look better with a big smile or a more serious look? Modeling Tips 2: Take Selfies Taking selfies will prepare you for when you are actually in front of [...]

How to Start Modeling with No Experience

Our modeling guide will help you learn how to start modeling with no experience. Start Modeling: Step 1 Take Some Snapshots of Yourself If you are just starting out, take a few snapshots that will show your face, features, body size and shape.  Modeling scouts want to see you natural and simple so don't use a lot of make-up, and then decide if you have potential. Go to a Modeling Photo Shoot Photographs are the most important tool in a model’s career. If a modeling scout thinks you have potential, [...]

How to Make a Modeling Comp Cards

Photographers, art directors, and fashion editors look through modeling comp cards ("composite cards") when they want models to audition. Comp cards are a model's business card. Here is how you can get yours ready. Making Comp Cards: Step 1 Choose the Photos Choose one headshot and 3-4 other photos for your comp card. Ask your photographer or agent which kind of photos to use. What type of modeling best fits you? What kind of look do you want to highlight? Do you want to show classic beauty or do [...]

TFP or Trade for Prints for Modeling

TFP or Trade For Print allow a model and a photographer to build their portfolios by working together without pay. So if you just started modeling and need to build your modeling portfolio, but can't afford to hire a professional photographer, here's how. Trade for Prints: Step 1 Find A Photographer Usually a photographer who is also just starting their career will be open to doing a TFP shoot.  Many photographers like to work with lesser known models whose previous work or look they find interesting. Let him know [...]

How to Start Baby Modeling

Do you have the cutest baby? Wondering what to do with the 1,000+ pictures you have already? Here's our guide for parents to start baby modeling. Start Baby Modeling: Step 1 Baby Pictures You don't need professional photos, just pictures that show your baby's face. Pick the best photos you have or take some new ones. Modeling agencies look for babies with bright eyes, a big smile, and smooth skin. They also love faces with unique features like dark hair and green eyes, or high cheekbones. Make sure the [...]

Model Poses for a Photoshoot

Below are model poses to help prepare you for a photoshoot. Basic Model Poses Used for commercials, catalogs, and prints, basic model poses are relaxed, simple poses that will show off the clothes you are modeling. With a basic model pose, you need good posture, but don’t be too straight or stiff.  Have one of your arms bent either on your hip or by your hair, or you can have both arms crossed. You can have one leg slightly bent or ahead of the other. Your eyes can either [...]

Signing onto a Modeling Agency

Use our step by step guide to help you get signed to a modeling agency. Signing onto a Modeling Agency: Step 1 Have a Modeling Portfolio Choose 10-15 professional photos for your modeling portfolio. Wear different styles of clothing and have different poses because your portfolio should be diverse. You also need to have a modeling portfolio online. Many modeling scouts and agents search online. If they like what they see, they will call you in for an audition. Signing onto a Modeling Agency: Step 2 Use Social Media You [...]

Preparing for a Modeling Photoshoot

A Step by step guide to help you get ready for a modeling photoshoot. Preparing for a Modeling Photoshoot: Step 1 Book the Photoshoot Ahead of Time You need to prepare every part of your body to look its best for the camera. We recommend booking no less than 3 days ahead, but 1 week is more ideal. Make sure you get enough sleep and are well-rested before the photoshoot. Preparing for a Modeling Photoshoot: Step 2 Prep Your Hair & Face before the Photoshoot Trim you hair so [...]

How to Make a Modeling Portfolio

A step by step guide to making your modeling portfolio. Making a Modeling Portfolio: Step 1 Know Your Modeling Type There are models of all body sizes and types, so you just have to be realistic. Take your measurements - height, bust, waist, and hips - and know your body type before deciding what type of modeling to pursue. The good news is that you don’t have to be tall and thin to be a model. There is a big market for other types of modeling - petite modeling, glamour [...]

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