Below are model poses to help prepare you for a photoshoot.

Basic Model Poses

Used for commercials, catalogs, and prints, basic model poses are relaxed, simple poses that will show off the clothes you are modeling.

With a basic model pose, you need good posture, but don’t be too straight or stiff.  Have one of your arms bent either on your hip or by your hair, or you can have both arms crossed. You can have one leg slightly bent or ahead of the other. Your eyes can either look into the camera or you can have your head a little bit turned away.

Seated Model Poses

Seated poses can look posed or candid, strong or vulnerable, basic or dramatic, so they can be used for different types of modeling. You can be photographed from the top, at seat level, or from below if you are seated higher.

Keep a good posture. Make sure to still keep your back straight and your chin up. This will keep your body and neck look longer.

Glamour Model Poses

Glamour modeling requires sexy poses used to promote lingerie. You need to have a lot of confidence and be comfortable wearing little clothing. For the photoshoots, glamour models will have poses lying down on the bed or on their hands and knees, and can be photographed from the back.

Beauty Model Poses

Beauty poses highlight the face and are used for modeling make-up, hair products, and even eyewear. These poses need a lot of practice and you have to master all your facial expression. You will also need to have perfect hair and make-up before the photoshoot.

Fitness Model Poses

Fitness modeling has really grown for the fitness and health minded industry. They require great posture and strength. Fitness poses include yoga poses and workout shots like lifting weights or doing a push-up.

High End Model Poses

These are for more artistic and high fashion modeling. You will notice that supermodels modeling designer brands have striking and unique poses.

Once you master the basic model poses, you can start practicing more dramatic body poses or facial expressions. One of the most popular is having your body face backwards while you look over your shoulder. Try tilting your head several ways and experiment with having your arms and hands in different positions.

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