Photographers, art directors, and fashion editors look through modeling comp cards (“composite cards”) when they want models to audition. Comp cards are a model’s business card. Here is how you can get yours ready.

Making Comp Cards: Step 1

Choose the Photos

Choose one headshot and 3-4 other photos for your comp card. Ask your photographer or agent which kind of photos to use. What type of modeling best fits you? What kind of look do you want to highlight? Do you want to show classic beauty or do you want more modern style looks?

Be diverse. You want your comp card to show different outfits and backgrounds. Have some photos that were shot in-studio and have some from outdoors in a different setting. You don’t want all the photos to look the same.

Making Comp Cards: Step 2

Design the Layout

Use a colorful com card layout. Be creative. A visual layout will get noticed more. The graphics should be eye-catching while highlighting your photos. The front should have your headshot so it can be seen better. This should be your very best headshot! Modeling agencies have a rack of their model’s comp cards so that clients can go through them. The back should have the rest of the photos.

Have your name and personal stats, height and measurements. Also include your contact information and who is representing you.

Making Comp Cards: Step 2

Print Your Comp Cards

Print the comp cards yourself. If an agency prints them, they will likely put their logo on it. You may want to sign with as many agencies as possible. This will increase your chances of getting work. You can print the comp cards yourself and give each agency copies. They can add their information on your comp card.

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