Read our must-do modeling tips before you start modeling.

Modeling Tips 1: Build Confidence

Models need confidence – in photoshoots, in auditions, on the runway. Start by posing in front of the mirror. Know your best angles and features. Do you have long legs? Do you have a profile when you turn sideways? Practice all your facial expressions too. Do you look better with a big smile or a more serious look?

Modeling Tips 2: Take Selfies

Taking selfies will prepare you for when you are actually in front of the camera. Seeing what you look like in the photos will make you more confident. So if you get nervous during a photoshoot, you can pretend that you’re just taking selfies.

Modeling Tips 3: Study Your Favorite Models

Pick your favorite models and study them. Imitate the way they walk, the way they turn their heads, they way they smile, and all of their poses. Which model’s looks and poses look the best when you copy them? This will help if you don’t have any modeling experience.

Modeling Tips 4: Consider a Modeling School

Modeling schools can teach you certain skills that can give you an advantage. They will teach everything from how to pose, how to apply make-up, and the business side of modeling. You will also meet other people in the industry that you can use as a reference later on.

Modeling Tips 5: Be Professional and Punctual

You need to be professional at all times, whether at a photoshoot, audition, or at modeling school. Allow yourself extra time when meeting with photographers. and going to auditions so that you are not in a hurry or stressed at the last minute.

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