Teen modeling can help build your confidence, boost your self-esteem, and improve your posture. Interested? Here’s our guide on how to start teen modeling.

Start Teen Modeling: Step 1

Get Your Parents Permission

Talk to your parents. Explain to them why you want to start modeling. If your are under 18, you need a parent’s permission to start modeling and you need an adult with you to go to auditions. They will also need to get the school’s approval and a working permit for you.

Research What Type of Modeling is Right for You

The good news is models actually come in all sizes. Take your measurements, weight and height and see what type of modeling you fit into. If you at least 5’9″ and slim you can be a fashion model. If not, you can audition for petite or plus size modeling.

Start Teen Modeling: Step 2

Consider a Modeling School

Modeling schools can teach you certain skills like how to walk and pose. Professional training will give you an advantage. You will also meet other people in the industry that you can use as a reference later on.

Study Your Favorite Models

Pick your favorite models and study them. Imitate the way they walk, the way they turn their heads, they way they smile, and all of their poses. Which model’s looks and poses look the best when you copy them? This will help if you don’t have any modeling experience.

Start Teen Modeling: Step 3

Create a Modeling Portfolio

Create a modeling portfolio. It should include 10—15 photos, your  modeling type, and all your experience. Also include your personal statistics – height, weight, hair color and eye color. You can also post your modeling portfolio online. Modeling scouts and agencies search online and this way they can see your portfolio right away. If they like it, they will call you in for an audition.

Search for Agencies and Auditions Online

Look for modeling agencies with a teen department and submit your portfolio. You can also post your modeling portfolio on sites that offer model listings. Most of these sites charge a fee, but they will give you access to a lot more auditions. They also allow you  to tag the type of modeling you want – fashion, fitness – and better match you with the auditions they have available.

Start going to modeling auditions that are fitted to your modeling styles. Bring your comp cards and portfolio with you. Modeling agencies even have open auditions to search for new models. Like a modeling scout, if they think you have potential, they will want to represent you.

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