Want to become a professional dancer? Use our guide to help you find dance auditions so you can start your career

Find Dance Auditions: Step 1

Practice and Training

Before breaking into the industry as a dancer, you need practice and training. Perfecting your dance style, building and stamina, and keeping a fit body are important for dancers.

Take Dance Classes

Go to dance classes or schools to improve your technique and learn new ones. Honing your skills will give you an edge at auditions. We recommend learning freestyle because they can be incorporated into other dance styles. This gives you diversity and more chances for different auditions.

Find Dance Auditions: Step 2

Create a Talent Profile for Dancing

Your talent profile acts as your dance resume. So it should include your photos and personal statistics – height, weight, age range. Include all the dance styles you have training and experience in. Attach a video or demo reel when possible.

Use Social Media

Post dance-related information and start networking with other people and dancers in the industry. Almost every business has a Facebook profile so you can search for dance companies. Follow them and check their event pages. You’ll find auditions and competitions you can go to. Even it its not in your style, help spread the word.

Find Dance Auditions: Step 3

Sing up to Audition Sites

Sign up to online audition websites so they can contact you about auditions and casting calls for dancers. Keep track of all the audition sites and check them regularly.

Search for Auditions 

You can find auditions online, in dance magazines like Dance Spirit or Ballet and Modern Dance. They list auditions and incentives.  You can even find these magazines at your dance studio or school.

Other Things You Need to Know

Audition Tips for Dancers

Popular Dance Styles