A Step by step guide to help you get ready for a modeling photoshoot.

Preparing for a Modeling Photoshoot: Step 1

Book the Photoshoot Ahead of Time

You need to prepare every part of your body to look its best for the camera. We recommend booking no less than 3 days ahead, but 1 week is more ideal. Make sure you get enough sleep and are well-rested before the photoshoot.

Preparing for a Modeling Photoshoot: Step 2

Prep Your Hair & Face before the Photoshoot

Trim you hair so the ends look neat and healthy. Touch up your roots and deep condition your hair so it will look silky and flawless. DO NOT get a new hairstyle because you don’t know what the end result will look like on you.

Get a facial or exfoliate your skin so that it will look smoother, but do this at least 3 days before. Some facials can cause initial redness so we recommend getting one at least 1 week before so that your face can completely heal. Wax and shape your eyebrows. Whiten your teeth. You can either use the strips or go to the dentist.

Prep Your Hands, Feet, and Skin before the Photoshoot

Get a manicure and pedicure. Do this the day before the photoshoot so your nail color won’t fade or likely to get chipped. We recommend staying with light, neutral colors, but you can also match them with the style of clothes you are planning to bring to the photoshoot.

If you have very fair skin, get a little bit of a tan. You can go to a tanning bed or lay out, or use a good spray tan. Remember the camera flash will overexpose your tone a little. Wax or shave your legs, underarms, and bikini areas if you are doing some swimwear photos. Give yourself a few days to heal if waxing.

Preparing for a Modeling Photoshoot: Step 3

Choose Your Wardrobe

We recommend 5 outfits that will show versatility. Bring 1 light colored outfit, 1 dark colored outfit, and 1 outlandish outfit to show style. Pick well-fitting clothes that will make you look sexy and highlight your features. Colors that match your eyes or skirts that will show off your legs.

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