Do you have the cutest baby? Wondering what to do with the 1,000+ pictures you have already? Here’s our guide for parents to start baby modeling.

Start Baby Modeling: Step 1

Baby Pictures

You don’t need professional photos, just pictures that show your baby’s face. Pick the best photos you have or take some new ones. Modeling agencies look for babies with bright eyes, a big smile, and smooth skin. They also love faces with unique features like dark hair and green eyes, or high cheekbones. Make sure the hair is out the way because they want the baby’s full face to show. And no hats or make-up.


Note how your baby behaves when you’re taking photos. Even if they are the cutest baby, if he or she is fussy modeling agencies will not want to work with you and your baby.  They want babies who can sit still, are well behaved, and are always smiling.

Start Baby Modeling: Step 2

Submit Your Baby to Modeling Agencies

Look for a modeling agency that has a baby or children’s division. Many or the top modeling agencies have one. Or look for local agencies in your area.  Research all the agencies carefully and only submit your baby photos to the reputable ones. Don’t waste your time on agencies that don’t do any baby modeling.

Start Baby Modeling: Step 3

Enter Your Baby into Modeling Contests

Go online and look for baby modeling contests. Companies like Gerber and Gap often sponsor contests where the public can vote on a new baby model. You can go on their sites to submit your baby’s photos.

Auditions and Open Casting Calls

Taking your baby to auditions will be time-consuming, so make sure you can commit to this. The agency or client will be asking you if you have the time to take your baby to their modeling jobs.

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