Use our step by step guide to help you get signed to a modeling agency.

Signing onto a Modeling Agency: Step 1

Have a Modeling Portfolio

Choose 10-15 professional photos for your modeling portfolio. Wear different styles of clothing and have different poses because your portfolio should be diverse. You also need to have a modeling portfolio online. Many modeling scouts and agents search online. If they like what they see, they will call you in for an audition.

Signing onto a Modeling Agency: Step 2

Use Social Media

You should have a social media account that shows your modeling interests. Modeling scouts and agents are now searching social media for new models with a following and influence. If a modeling agency has their own social media account,  you can follow them.  Send them a message with links to your social media or comment on their posts. This can get  you noticed!

Have a Modeling Website

Your own modeling website can show more of your photos than a regular modeling portfolio. This way, you can portray different types of modeling. Include photos from all of your past work. Modeling agencies like to work with professional models who already have experience.

Signing onto a Modeling Agency: Step 3

Submit Yourself to Modeling Agencies

Submit your modeling portfolio to as many modeling agencies that you think can represent you. Include a short biography and the type of modeling you are trying to break into. If they like your portfolio, they will call you in for an audition. You can also call the modeling agencies in your area and try to schedule an audition or find out if they have any “go see’s.”

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