Whether it’s for practice or competition, starting a dance team can be very rewarding. And who knows? You might even win some competitions and become famous.

Starting a Dance Team: Step 1

Decide Your Dance Style

What type of dance style do you like best and excel in? Starting a dance team can help you improve and train others. Or maybe there’s another style you would like to learn better. Hip hop and modern dance teams are specially collaborative. Everyone can learn from each other, and dancing together will sure be a lot of fun!

Put up Fliers and Ads

Put up some fliers in your community – in dance studios and stores, in your gym, even coffee houses. You can also put up some classifieds in the local newspapers or magazines. Specify the level of experience you are looking for. Is it for amateurs, professionals, or open to all levels? You can also ask around your circle of friends or other dancers if they are interested in joining.

Starting a Dance Team: Step 2

Hold Auditions

Hold a dance audition and decide who you want to be part of your team. This will also depend on how many dancers you want on your team. Choose the dancers that best fit the dance style you are looking for.

Assign Roles

Dance teams need to be organized. Aside from you being the team leader or director, you need other dancers to be in charge of scheduling and organizing the practices, a marketing person to help advertise your performances and run your social media, and maybe an assistant to keep track of everything.

Find a Rehearsal Space

This also depends on how big your dance team is. You can find a space in one of your team members house or you can find a dance studio and rent a space. You can also consider high school gyms, recreational centers or public parts.

Starting a Dance Team: Step 3


Schedule rehearsal times with your dance team. We suggest meeting at least 1-2 times a week. Start collaborating, pick the music, and practicing your dance steps. See if you can get professional help or opinion about the choreography, like from a dance teacher.

Perform and Compete

Look for local events where your dance team can start performing for an audience. Tape your practice and performances. You can also start submitting your dance team to local competitions or for TV shows.

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