Love salsa dancing? Read our guide to learn about this popular dance style and how to find salsa dance auditions

Salsa Dance History

Salsa dancing originated from Cuba in the late 1800’s and every Latin American country has their own style. It fuses African and Spanish inspired rhythms and  mix flamenco and ballroom styles. You usually dance with a partner where the male leads the female by footwork and turns. But there is also a solo form known as “suelta.” The turns, figures spins, body isolation, shoulder shimmies and rolls can be danced solo.

It’s very sensual form, energetic movement and innovative choreography that was influenced by Mambo and Rumba made it very popular all around the world.

Salsa Dancing in Movies and TV

Dirty Dancing

These classic movie featured Patric Swayze as a dancer who gave out salsa dance lessons at a vacation resort. It is his most famous role

Take The Lead

Starring Antonio Banderes, this salsa dancing movies mixes salsa dance styles with hip-hop dance moves.

Dancing with the Stars

This dance competition TV show showcases salsa dancing as well as other ballroom dance styles.

Salsa Dance Auditions

TV Show Competitions

You can audition for all the talent competitions on TV like “America’s Got Talent” or “So You Think You Can Dance.” Practice your dance piece until it is perfect. You only get one chance in front of the judges at the audition. If they think you are talented enough to compete, they will want you on their show.

Events, Cruises, Live Acts

Search for auditions and gigs for any local and live events. Many cruise lines also hire a lot of entertainers and you get to travel!

Other Things You Need to Know

How to Find Dance Auditions

Audition Tips for Dancers

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