Read below for some of the most popular dance styles featured on TV, movies, shows, and competitions.

Hip Hop Dancing

Popular since the 1970’s, hip hop dancing includes many styles. Hip hop dancing includes breaking, locking, popping, and funk. You can combine the dance styles.

Dance studios teach classes for adults and children, but many hip hop dancers become self-taught and learn different moves from each other. You can also join a dance crew and practice and perform with other dancers.

Hip Hop Dance Auditions

Ballet Dancing

Ballet requires a lot of dedication because it is the most technical of all dance styles. Students study ballet from an early age – as early as three or four years old. They learn form and technique and condition their bodies to be light, graceful, and flexible even as they grow older.

Ballet Dance Auditions

Jazz Dancing

This style is a form of self-expression and mixes different styles. It came from African-American rhythm and music and focuses on improvisation, originality, and freeform. Jazz dancing is further broken down from ballet-inspired classical jazz, Latin jazz, to a faster-paces street jazz. You often use all parts of their body and combine different styles.

Jazz Dance Auditions

Modern Dancing

Similar to jazz, modern dance mixes elements of performance art and technique. You focus on self-expression, originality, and improvisation. Your performances usually changes and develop over time. The performance can be based interpretations of stories, religion, ancient myths, and current events.

Modern Dance Auditions

Tap Dancing

The name comes from the tapping sound made by the metal plates on your shoes. You focus on foot movements and rhythm and often dance without any other music. Because the tapping creates “beats” when tapping your feet, tap dancers are also considered percussion musicians.

Tap Dance Auditions

Salsa Dancing

Salsa has become one of the most popular Latin-style dances. You fuse African and Spanish inspired rhythms and  mix flamenco and ballroom styles. You usually dance with a partner, but there is also a solo form known as “suelta.” The male leads the female by footwork and turns and uses very sensual and energetic body movements.

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Swing Dancing

Swing is very lively and the style is similar to jazz, but you dance as part of a couple. If there are other couples, you can change partners throughout the performance.  You swing, spin and jump together to fast-paced music.

Swing Dance Auditions

Folk Dancing

Folk dancers represent the musical or cultural heritage of people based on origin, ethnicity, or country. They include traditional dances performed at cultural events,  to celebrate holidays or for family gatherings. Because they are ethnic-style dances, forms and styles vary all around the world and develop differently over time. Flamenco and belly-dancing are are examples of folk dances.

Line Dancing

Line dancing is choreographed with a group. You stand in a row facing the same direction and follow the same sequence steps together. Most line dances, like the Electric Slide, are simple and popular with country and western music.

Concert Dancing

Also known as stage dancing, it is choreographed to set music. You perform in front of an audience, usually at the theater.

Go Go Dancing

Go-Go dancers are mostly female employed to entertain crowds. They mix different styles of dancing, like salsa, jazz, and hip-hop into their own sexy style, and perform at live events or clubs and casinos. They wear bright sexy clothing like lingerie, costumes, and shiny boots that will attract attention.

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