Are you a dedicated ballet dancer? Read our guide to learn about this popular dance style and how to find ballet dance auditions.

Ballet Dance History

Ballet originated in 16th century Renaissance Italy and became very popular in countries such as France and Russia. At first, amateurs performed on a court stage for aristocrats. It developed as a highly professional art in a theatrical setting. It is the most technical and famous of all performance dances. The New York City Ballet Company, the Paris Opera Ballet, and Russia’s Bolshoi Company travel around the world to perform. Its techniques influences many other styles of dance.

Students study ballet from an early age – as early as three or four years old. They learn form and technique and condition their bodies to be light, graceful, and flexible even as they grow older.

Styles of Ballet

Classical Ballet

Classical ballet is the most formal of the ballet styles. It uses traditional techniques from the French, Italian and Russian methods. Russian ballet features high extensions and dynamic turns. Italian ballet tends to be more grounded, with a focus on fast, intricate footwork. The English style merged French, Italian, Russian and Danish styles. Despite variations, the training methods of classical ballet are similar around the world.

Neoclassical Ballet

Beginning in the 1920’s, neoclassical ballet began to oppose classical styles. The music and tempo are faster. The dances are more abstract and less rigid. The movements are off-centered. Unlike classical ballet set as theater plays, neoclassical ballet focuses more on the dance and movements. It does not have to have a clear plot, setting or costumes.

Contemporary Ballet

Contemporary ballet mixes classical ballet and modern dance styles. Parts of your body are used in greater wider ballet movements. Dancers moves are bigger, faster, and uses more floor work, turn-in of the legs, dancing barefoot, acting and mime.

Ballet Dance Auditions

TV Show Competitions

You can audition for all the talent competitions on TV like “America’s Got Talent” or “So You Think You Can Dance.” Practice your dance piece until it is perfect. You only get one chance in front of the judges at the audition. If they think you are talented enough to compete, they will want you on their show.

Events, Cruises, Live Acts

Search for auditions and gigs for any local and live events. Many cruise lines also hire a lot of entertainers and you get to travel!

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