Ballet takes more than just practice and dedication, it is about perfecting your technique. Here are ballet dance tips to help you.

Ballet Dance Tips 1: Body Alignment

As a ballet dancer, body alignment is about overall posture and having your body in a healthy position. Keep your back straight, stomach tight, hips flat, butt in, and your hand soft.

Ballet Dance Tips 2: Elongate Your Neck 

Hold your chin up and roll your shoulders up, to the back, and down. This will stretch your neck and make it look longer. Keep your shoulder line open and parallel to your back so that your movements will look more fluid from arm to arm.

Ballet Dance Tips 3: Pointe Your Toes

The way your feet are placed on the floor is very important. Point and stretch your feet at all times. As soon as you leap off the floor, your feet should snap to a fully pointed position.

Ballet Dance Tips 4: Extend Your Legs

Higher leg extensions depend on flexibility and strength. You should be able to extend your leg over 90 degrees. This is when training from an early age makes a difference. Young ballerinas learn to extend their legs 180 degrees. You can practice your splits or on barre to widen your leg extensions. Stretching often and pushing your stretches will help with your extension technique.

Ballet Dance Tips 5: Practice Your Turnout

An ideal turnout is 180 degrees. Make sure your weight is evenly distributed on both your legs and flat on your feet. You can practice and stretch your legs and ankles to do this.

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