Here are some of our dance audition tips to help you nail your next audition!

Dance Audition Tips 1: Practice and Training

This is the most important tip for anyone in any craft. Remember to train to build stamina and keep your body conditioned. Practice and perform your dance piece regularly. Memorize the moves and steps, and work on your technique until it’s perfect.

Dance Audition Tips 2: Learn Different Dance Styles

Take dance lessons in different styles. A diverse dancer gets more auditions and castings. Different moves trains your body better. Nowadays, choreographers like to mix up different dances and technique.

Dance Audition Tips 3: Study What the Audition is for

Know what dance style you will be performing at the audition. Is it for a ballet or musical theater? Or are you auditioning as a back-up dancer or for a music video? What music style will you be dancing to? Make sure you have the skill suited for that style.

Dance Audition Tips 4: Have Your Headshot and Resume Ready

Bring a professional headshot and your resume. It should highlight experience relating to the production you are auditioning for and include your dance training.

Dance Audition Tips 5: Wear the Right Clothes and Shoes

If you are auditioning for a ballet, then wear tights and pointe shoes. If it’s for a hip-hop video, then wear a more current style and sneakers. But bring an extra outfit and shoes. Some auditions like to change it up to test your versatility as a dancer.

Dance Audition Tips 6: Arrive Early

Give yourself time to warm up and stretch out your body. This also gives you time to relax, maybe do some breathing exercises, and clear your mind so that you won’t be too nervous when it’s your turn to audition.

Dance Audition Tips 7: Follow Instructions

Listen to instructions and follow them carefully. Do the steps exactly as asked.

Dance Audition Tips 8: Be Expressive

Remember dance is a form of self-expression. Be expressive in your steps and in your face. Don’t look down on the ground.  Smile and be energetic.

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