Really impressing the casting director will set you apart from all the other actors auditioning for the same part. Here are some of our simple audition tips.

Audition Tips 1: Research the Production

Try to find out as many details about the production as you can. If you know what role you are auditioning for, research similar parts and imitate them. This will help you learn what the casting director is looking for. Practice the role. This will make getting into the character during the audition easier and more natural.

Audition Tips 2: Rehearse Your Part

Read the entire script. Knowing the whole story will help you understand the role you are auditioning for. Besides, you might find other characters you fit into. Read and reread your lines until you memorize them. Rehearse in front of the camera so you will feel more comfortable in front of the casting director.

Audition Tips 3: Arrive Early

Give yourself extra time so you aren’t in a hurry or rushed. Don’t wait until the last time slot to audition. The later you audition, the more actors the casting director will have to compare you with.

Audition Tips 4: Volunteer to Be A Reader

Some casting directors use volunteers to read lines opposite the auditioning actor. Even though you’re not up for the part, volunteer. You can observe the whole auditioning process and take notes for when it’s your turn to audition.

Audition Tips 5:  Rehearse Your Part

If the casting director asks you to try doing it a different way, do it. This is your chance to show you are flexible and can take direction.

Audition Tips 5: Follow Directions

Listen carefully, and follow instructions. If the casting director asks you to try doing something a different way, do it. Show them you’re flexible, easy to work with, can take directions, and have the ability to act in different ways.

Audition Tips 6: Be Professional

Be professional. Answer their questions politely. Don’t act desperate. There will be other auditions even if you don’t nail this one. NO chewing gum or eating candy while auditioning – casting directors hate this!

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