Want to be on TV? Here’s our guide to reality TV auditions for everyone.

Reality TV Auditions: Step 1

Decide What Type of Show

Do you have any special talents like singing? Then audition for “The Voice.” Many shows feature dancers  like “So You Think You Can Dance” or “America’s Got Talent” that welcome all dance styles. Looking to break into the modeling industry? You should try our for “America’s Next Top Model” or “Project Runway.” Or if you just want to get some exposure, there are shows like “Big Brother” and “The Bachelor.”

The good news is reality TV is not just limited to fields of entertainment. You can find cooking competitions like “Top Chef” and travel related shows like “The Amazing Race.”

Reality TV Auditions: Step 2

Search Online and Use Social Media

Networks announce their reality shows and auditions on their websites. Social media pages also post auditions so make sure to follow them. The casting staff constantly search online so they might even contact you about auditions and new shows in development.

Reality TV Auditions: Step 3

Submit Yourself

These auditions are open to everyone so you can submit yourself. You will be called in for an interview if casting thinks you fit their show. Talent-based shows like “America’s Got Talent” require an in-person audition so you can perform in front of judges.

Prepare Yourself

Pick your best performance piece and practice it if you are auditioning for a talent-based shows. For modeling shows, have your portfolio ready and treat it as you would any other audition. If you are called in for an interview, research the show. Write down everything your know related to the show. They ask a lot of personal questions regarding your experience and why you think you should be on their show.

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