Use our step by step guide to finding auditions for modeling and start auditioning.

Finding Modeling Auditions: Step 1

Create an Online Modeling Portfolio

Create a digital modeling portfolio. It should include 10—15 photos, your  modeling type, and all your experience. Also include your personal statistics – height, weight, hair color and eye color. Modeling scouts and agencies search online and this way they can see your portfolio right away. If they like it, they will call you in for an audition.

Use Social Media

Nowadays, social media can be like a second portfolio. An Instagram account that shows your modeling-related interests can help, especially in commercial or promotional modeling. You can also search event pages and job ads on social media for auditions.

Finding Modeling Auditions: Step 2

Search for Agencies and Auditions Online

You can submit your portfolio to modeling agencies and auditions online. Include your type of modeling and all your experience. If they like your portfolio, they will call you in for an audition and possibly represent you.

You can also post your modeling portfolio on sites that offer model listings. Most of these sites charge a fee, but they will give you access to a lot more auditions. They also allow you  to tag the type of modeling you want – fashion, fitness – and better match you with the auditions they have available.
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Finding Modeling Auditions: Step 3

Search Local Businesses and Open Auditions

You can search for local businesses that might employ models, like photographers or advertising agencies.  Then drop off your comp cards. Afterwards, follow up on any jobs they have and see if  are interested in auditioning or hiring you.

Some modeling agencies will have open auditions to search for new models. Bring your portfolio and comp cards with you. These auditions can also be a good opportunity to network within the industry.

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