Use this guide to help you prepare for a modeling audition.

Preparing for a Modeling Audition: Step 1

Hair and Make-Up

Modeling agencies want to see you as a blank canvas so wear light make-up and natural colors. Mascara, concealer, and lip color should be enough. Pick natural colors. DO NOT use bright eye shadow or dark lipstick. Take out any face piercings. Your hair should also be simple, don’t over style it. And DO NOT get a new hairstyle right before the audition because it might not turn out to your liking.

Clothes and Dress

Wear form-fitting clothes. Modeling agencies want to see the shape of your body, so they usually like to see models in a simple tight t-shirt and jeans. Jewelry should be kept to a minimum. Bring an extra outfit or dress and high heels just in case they want you to change. DO NOT wear any flashy or loose clothing and try to cover any body tattoos.

Preparing for a Modeling Audition: Step 2

Research Who You’re Auditioning for

It’s always good to know who you are auditioning for. What kind of modeling job is it? What kind of clothes or products is the agency or the client trying to promote? You can wear something that might be relevant to that agency or product.

It’s important to know the style and type of modeling you are auditioning for. And researching the agency will also give you an advantage in case they ask you about any related experience.

Preparing for a Modeling Audition: Step 3

Be Professional and Punctual

Make sure to be professional because auditions are just like job interviews. Allow yourself extra time so that you’re not in a hurry or stressed when you get to the audition. Some auditions may not allow you in once the audition has started.

Have Your Modeling Portfolio Ready

Your modeling portfolio should include 10-15 photographs including headshots, full-body shots, fashion and swimsuit photos so be diverse. It should also include resume of all your experiences, any special training, and the type of modeling you fit in. Leave your comp cards behind either to the agents or anyone else you meet in the industry you can network with.

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