Love swing dancing? Read our guide to learn about this popular dance style and how to find swing dance auditions

Swing Dance History

The dancing came from the Swing era in 1920s and 30s America. Jazz music and big bands were playing. It re-emerged with other partner dances in the 1980’s and have been popular ever since.

Swing dance is a lively dance style in which couples swing, spin and jump together to fast-paced music. It uses a lot of jazz steps.  Different swing styles are sometime seen in period movies, such as “Grease” and “Footloose.”

Famous Tap Dancers


The jitterbug uses fast and bouncy dance steps. The term was famously associated with swing era dancers by band leader Cab Calloway because, as he put it, “They look like a bunch of jitterbugs out there on the floor.”


The Lindyhop combines elements of both partner dances and solo dancing. The movements and improvisation uses the formal eight-count structure. This is most clearly illustrated in the Lindyhop’s basic swing dance step, the swingout. In the open position, each dancer is connected hand-to-hand while in its closed position, men and women are connected as though in an embrace.


Jive is an included dance of International Style Ballroom dancing. It initially was based on Eastern swing brought to England by Americans Troops in World War II and evolved before becoming the now standardized form of today.

Swing Dance Audtions

TV Show Competitions

You can audition for all the talent competitions on TV like “America’s Got Talent” or “So You Think You Can Dance.” Practice your dance piece until it is perfect. You only get one chance in front of the judges at the audition. If they think you are talented enough to compete, they will want you on their show.

Events, Cruises, Live Acts

Search for auditions and gigs for any local and live events. Many cruise lines also hire a lot of entertainers and you get to travel!

Other Things You Need to Know

How to Find Dance Auditions

Audition Tips for Dancers

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