Our guide to different types of classes to help you hone your craft whether you just started acting or you are a more experience actor.

General Acting Classes

If you just started acting, general acting classes introduces you to different sides of the industry. Do you want to pursue theater or film? These classes help develop skills that you can use for all acting jobs and help you decide your interests.

Audition Technique

Auditioning is different from acting. Audition classes teaches you how to breakdown your character and “script analysis,” how to act with  props during auditioning, when to sit and stand, and even how to get approved by casting directors.

On Camera Acting Classes

Here, you learn how you look and sound in front of the camera. This classes teaches you how to control your voice levels, body language, where to stand, and many other techniques. Remember a lot of auditions are taped, so you can prepare for them with having some on-camera experience.

Improvisation “Improv” Classes

Improv is a spur-of-the-moment performing. You learn how to think fast and speak off of an idea and perform live with a group. Even non-actors take improv classes to improve their public-speaking skills. Acting out with a group will also build your confidence.

Commercial Acting Classes

Acting in commercials is very different that movies or TV. Auditions are usually faster-paced and requires improvisation. Filming every scene will be repeated over and over until it’s perfect.

Acting Coaches

If you want personal attention, hire an acting coach. You can work on more particular techniques and at your own pace. Acting coaches can also help you prepare for an audition.

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