Here are the steps on joining SAG-AFTRA. The Screen Actors Guild – American Federation of Television and Radio Artist is the nation’s largest labor union for working actors. They have pver 160,000 people in film, television, commercials,  music videos and all other media.

Joining SAG-AFTRA: Step 1

Meet the Requirements

You can join SAG-AFTRA if you have worked in a covered production. You are eligible to join if you’ve had a speaking role. Even working as a movie extra counts towards your eligibility. Membership in another actors’ union also makes you SAG-AFTRA eligible.

Joining SAG-AFTRA: Step 2

Submit Proof of Covered Work

Contact a SAG-AFTRA office and ask if they have a record of work that makes you eligible. You can also submit paycheck stubs along with your personal information – name, contact information, and date of birth. Make copies of everything you submit and wait for their review.

Joining SAG-AFTRA: Step 3

Pay the Membership Dues

All new members pay membership dues at the time of joining. Contact SAG-AFTRA for the cost of fees and yearly dues. Benefits includes housing, health insurance, emergency and social services. You get industry deals and discounts for movies and rentals. SAG-AFTRA protect workers’ rights and negotiate contracts and wages on behalf of artists. You can contact them if you ever need advise when taking new acting jobs or have complaints.

SAG-AFTRA also provides a variety of programs to help advance your acting career. They provide handbooks, training, and other work opportunities for actors. You can attend workshops with casting  directors. They have even more tools for younger actors who are just starting out. All of these are free for members. You also get voting rights for the Screen Actors Guild Awards.

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