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How to Prepare for an Acting Audition


Our acting tips will guide you through the audition process.

Preparing for an Acting Audition: Step 1

Research the Production

Try to find out as many details about the production as you can. Research the director and his past works. You can also search online for any similar shows or productions so you have an idea of what […]

How to Find Auditions for Acting


Our audition guide will help you learn how and where to find auditions for acting.

Find Auditions: Step 1

Find Auditions for Local Theater and Productions

You can find theater auditions and in local theater listing. Local productions such as videos and commercials will be advertised in the newspaper. If you just started acting, take every opportunity to […]

What Type of Acting Classes Should You Take

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Our guide to different types of classes to help you hone your craft whether you just started acting or you are a more experience actor.

General Acting Classes

If you just started acting, general acting classes introduces you to different sides of the industry. Do you want to pursue theater or film? These classes help develop […]

How to Start Acting with No Experience


Our acting guide will help you learn how to Start Acting without any experience.

Start Acting: Step 1

Participate in School Plays

You can start acting in your local school plays, church, and your local theater. Imitate your favorite actors and practice in front of the mirror. This will help you get additional experience and build up confidence. […]

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