Interested in movie extra or background actor jobs? Then use our guide below.

Being a Movie Extra: Step 1

Understand What a Movie Extra Is

In the entertainment industry, movie extras are more often called background actors. They fill up a scene whether on the street, a crowd in a market or sports game, or as other diners in a restaurant, and surround the actors to make the scenes feel more authentic. Be prepared to say “Excuse me” or “Thank you,” but these are usually non-speaking roles.

Movie extra jobs are a great way for you to get your foot into the industry, get some experience on set, and build a network.

Being a Movie Extra: Step 2

Sign Up to a Casting Company

As with any acting job, have your talent profile ready. It should include headshots, experience, personal statistics – height, weight, age range. Then sign up to a casting company because they have audition listings for movie extra jobs. Or sign up to “extras wrangling” companies that find specific actors for casting. They will contact you if you fit the particular type – height, sex, ethnicity – needed.

Being a Movie Extra: Step 3

Getting Movie Extra Jobs

Know beforehand what to wear and what you’re supposed to look like. What type of scene are they filming? Where is it set and what time period? Make sure to look and dress the part even though you’ll only be in the background. Show up on time and be ready to be on the set for long periods of time even when you are not working or being filmed. During auditions or when filming on the set, do exactly as you’re told. The director or their assistants have very specific instructions about what you need to do, when to come out, where to stand.

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