A guide for parents on how and what to prepare for your child to start acting.

Start Child Acting: Step 1

Start Child Acting

Training with professionals is the first step to get your child to start acting. Take them to a group class or hire a private coach to work with your child. This shows you if your child has potential. Can your child follow instructions? Can he or she memorize their lines? This will also help you decide if this is something you really want to pursue.

Take Music and Dance Lessons

Have your child take singing or dance lessons or play an instrument. Having other talents gives your child an advantage. He or she can be cast in musicals and will have more diverse opportunities. Music and dance lessons also teaches discipline, hard work, and dedication.

Participate in School Plays

School plays are a great way to get your child some acting experience. Watching the children interact shows you how your child handles acting with a group and learn acting tips from them. Does your child work well around other children? What things are they doing well that you want your child to learn?

Start Child Acting: Step 2

Have a Good Headshot

First impression is key. Have a professional take headshots and photos of your child. You will need these to bring to auditions and acting agencies. The good news is digital photography is cheaper and easier and a professional photographer can get you that perfect headshot for your child!

Prepare a Resume

This is when your child’s acting classes and school plays will be important. Include all experience and personal information – height, age, hair and eye color. Add any special talents your child has – language, singing, musical instruments and if they play any sport. Acting agents and casting directors prefer children who have experience acting and have diverse skills.

Make a Demo Reel

Record your child at plays and performance, and create a demo reel. It should have clips of your child’s best performances. Include acting, monologues, singing, dance or any musical instruments your child plays.

Start Child Acting: Step 3

Practice Audition Materials

Your child should have 1-2 monologues memorized. Acting agencies and casting directors want children who show they can memorize their lines. If your child has any other talents, like singing dancing, or playing a musical instrument, make sure they practice a piece they can perform when they audition.

Get a Talent Manager

A talent manager will help you make connections in the industry, find auditions for your child, and help them get signed up to an acting agency.

Go to Auditions

Search for auditions for TV, movies, commercials or musicals. Submit your child’s talent profile or go to open auditions. Be supportive. Remember it can take a lot of auditions before your child might get hired, but don’t give up!

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