Child acting tips for parents to help break into the industry while keeping a good relationship with their child.

Get a Work Permit

Minors must have a work permit. This ensures that parents are aware of child labor laws. You have to turn in your child’s most recent report card and a letter from the school stating that your child meets academic standards.

Set Up a Talent Profile

Set up your child’s talent profile online. It should include headshots, experience, personal statistics – height, weight, age , and any special talent – languages, skills like dancing, singing, or playing any instruments. Many casting directors now go online to search for potential talent. If they like your child’s online profile, they will call your child in to audition.

Get a Talent Manager

A talent manager will help make connections in the industry, find auditions for your child, and help them get signed up to an acting agency. Because talent managers have a more personal relationship with their client, they will help out in figuring out an your child’s acting goals and managing their career.

Pick a talent manager who you trust and ask for references.

Get into an Acting Agency

Acting agencies have special children’s divisions. They will find auditions and represent your child when working. Some acting agencies have social workers and teachers that will help you and your child during auditions and acting jobs.

You should research the acting agency before signing on. Make sure they are safe and reputable.

Build Confidence

Let your child actor know all the good things they are doing. Take note of all their hard work. Encourage them to pursue certain talents, especially when you see potential.

Be Supportive

If your child shows interests in music or dance, let them pursue it. Even if they don’t show promise, but enjoy themselves, support them. Trying out new skills helps your child find their true interests.

Take Them to Shows

Take them to musicals or orchestra shows who feature children. Seeing other children performing will inspire them to work harder.

Do Not Put Too Much Pressure on Them

Remember that acting should be something your child wants to pursue. Let them have fun. Do not push them to go to classes or auditions if you see that they are not up for it.

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