Our acting guide will help you learn how to Start Acting without any experience.

Start Acting: Step 1

Participate in School Plays

You can start acting in your local school plays, church, and your local theater. Imitate your favorite actors and practice in front of the mirror. This will help you get additional experience and build up confidence. This will help answer important questions: Are you confident in front of a crowd? Can you memorize your lines?

Take Acting Classes

Acting may seem easy, but you need talent and dedication. All actors including top level professionals take acting classes. This means you must taking acting classes if you want to start acting professionally. Acting classed will help you gain the necessary skills of performing in front of crowds, memorizing lines, and acting out various scenes. This will ultimately help you decide if you wan to start acting and pursue acting career further. This will help answer important questions: Do you really want to start acting full time?

Start Acting: Step 2

Take a great Headshot and Photos

First impression is key. You need a great headshot to start acting. Remember your headshot is the first thing casting will look at. Make sure it’s updated with your current look. Nowadays, digital photography makes headshots cheaper and a professional photographer will help you get that perfect look!

Find an Acting Agent or Talent Manager

Acting agents and talent managers can help you break into the industry. They work with production companies and get insider’s only “breakdowns” that can help you find the right auditions.

Start Acting: Step 3

Create a Talent Profile for Acting

Your talent profile acts as your acting resume. So it should include your headshot, experience, and personal statistics – height, weight, age range.  Then include any special talent you have – languages, skills like dancing, singing, or playing an instrument. It should have your contact information and agency or representation if you have one.

Get your talent profile out online and on social media because casting directors now search online for potential talent. If they like your profile, you will be called in for the audition.

Start Going to Acting Auditions

Search for acting auditions for shows, commercials, or videos. Acting agents will have information on auditions you can go to and some agencies even hold workshops to find new talent. Get a talent manager because they will help you look for auditions or casting calls. Sign up to online audition websites so they can contact you about auditions and casting calls that become available.

The best way to learn more about the audition process is to get out there and audition. This way, the more acting auditions you go to will improve your chances of being cast.

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