Ballet Dance Tips to Improve Your Technique


Ballet takes more than just practice and dedication, it is about perfecting your technique. Here are ballet dance tips to help you.

Ballet Dance Tips 1: Body Alignment

As a ballet dancer, body alignment is about overall posture and having your body in a healthy position. Keep your back straight, stomach tight, hips flat, butt in, and […]

Audition Tips for Ballet Dancers


Read our ballet dance audition tips to help you nail your next audition!

Ballet Dance Audition Tips 1: Research

Find out who and what you’re auditioning for. What style of ballet do they expect?  Should you focus more on style or technique? What do they look for in a ballet dancer? Search for dancers they’ve hired in the past […]

Guilds and Unions for Actors and Performers


Here is a list of guilds and unions you might consider joining. They offer a wide variety of benefits and services for members.


Screen Actors Guild – American Federation of Television and Radio Artis

SAG-AFTRA is the nation’s largest labor union for working actors. They have pver 160,000 people in film, television, commercials,  music videos and all […]

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