Here are some examples of short dramatic monologue for women you can use to practice.

Dramatic Monologue for Women 1: Agnes of God

Monologue Length: 2 minutes

Agnes: Why are you crying? But I believe you. I do. Please, don’t you leave me too. Oh no. Oh my God, O sweet Lady, don’t leave me. Please, please don’t leave me. I’ll be good. I won’t be your bad baby anymore. No, Mummy, I don’t want to go with you. Stop pulling me. Your hands are hot. Don’t touch me like that! Oh my God, Mummy, don’t burn me! Don’t burn me!

I stood by the window of my room every night for a week. And one night I heard the most beautiful voice imaginable. It came from the middle of the wheat field beyond my room, and when I looked I saw the moon shining down on Him. For six nights He sang to me. Songs I’d never heard. And on the seventh night He came to my room and opened His wings and lay on top of me. And all the while He sang.

Dramatic Monologue for Women 2: Dangerous Beauty

Monologue Length: 3 minutes

Veronica: I will confess, Your Grace. I confess that as a young girl, I loved a man who would not marry me for want of a dowry. I confess I had a mother who taught me a different way of life, one I resisted at first, but learned to embrace, I confess I became a courtesan. Traded yearning for power, welcomed many rather than be owned by one. I confess I embraced a whore’s freedom over a wife’s obedience… Your Grace, what am I to do? I need to confess my evil as the church instructs, these are my sins… I confess I find more ecstasy in passion than in prayer. Such passion is prayer.

I confess… I confess I pray still to feel the touch of my lover’s lips, his hands upon me, his arms enfolding me. Such surrender has been mine. I confess I hunger still to be filled and enflamed, to melt into the dream of us, beyond this troubled place, to where we are not even ourselves, to know that always, always this is mine. If this had not been mine, if I had lived another way, a child to a husband’s whim, my soul hardened from lack of touch and lack of love, I confess such endless days and nights would be punishment far greater than any you could meter out. You, all of you, you who hunger so for what I give, but cannot bear to see such power in a woman. You call God’s greatest gift- ourselves, our yearning, our need for love, you call it filth, and sin, and heresy. I repent there was no other way open to me. I do not repent my life.

Dramatic Monologue for Women 3: Erin Brockovich

Monologue Length: 2 minutes

Oh, see, now that pisses me off. First of all since the demur, we now have more than four hundred plaintiffs and let’s be honest, we all know there’s more out there. Now, they may not be the most sophisticated people, but they do know how to divide, and twenty million dollars isn’t shit when it’s split between them.

And second of all, these people don’t dream about being rich. They dream about being able to watch their kids swim in a pool without worrying they’ll have to have a hysterectomy at age 20, like Rosa Diaz, a client of ours, or have their spine deteriorate like Stan Bloom, another client of ours. So before you come back here with another lame ass offer, I want you to think real hard about what your spine is worth, Mr. Buda, or what you’d expect someone to pay you for your uterus, Ms. Sanchez, then you take out your calculator and multiply that number by a hundred. Anything less than that is a waste of our time.

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