Here are some examples of short kids monologues for boys you can use to practice with your child.

Kids Monologue for Boy 1: Alladin

Monologue Length: 1 minute

Alladin: But I do like Jasmine. I mean, “The Princess!” Ugh! I must’ve sounded so silly! Then again, what does it matter? I’m never going to see her again. Me, the “street rat!” Besides, she deserves a prince. Or at least someone better than me. Oh, why did I ever meet her? Boy, I’m glad I met her! Look at this junk! I bet no one’s been in here for years. Something’s written on this thing. Let’s see here…..

Kids Monologue for Girl 2: The Muppet Movie

Monologue Length: 2 minutes

Kermit: Yeah, well, I’ve got a dream too. But it’s about singing and dancing and making people happy. That’s the kind of dream that gets better the more people you share it with. And, well, I’ve found a whole bunch of friends who have the same dream. And, well, it kind of makes us like a family. You have anyone like that, Hopper? I mean, once you get all those restaurants, who are you gonna share it with? Who are your friends, Doc? Those guys?

I don’t think you’re a bad man, Doc. And I think if you look in your heart, you’ll find you really want to let me and my friends go to follow our dream. But if that’s not the kind of man you are and if what I’m saying doesn’t make any sense to you, well, then, go ahead and kill me.

Kids Monologue for Boy 3: Cat In The Hat

Monologue Length: 1 minute

(Can be used as a song or spoken)
Cat:I can see that you’ve got quite a mind for your age!
Why, one think and you dragged me right onto the stage!
Now, I’m here, there is no telling what may ensue….
With a Cat such as me and a Thinker like you!
Oh the things you can think!
Oh the things you can think if you’re willing try…
Think invisible ink! Or a Gink with a stink! Or a stair in the sky
If you open your mind, oh, the things you will find, lining up

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